Charlie, while I haven’t known you for too terribly long, it’s been really cool to watch you hit your stride with this newsletter. You’re a fantastic writer, of course, but there’s a newfound element of confidence/excitement/“settling in” (if that makes any sense) that’s just bursting from your writing now. I love the layout, the personal anecdotes, the allowing yourself to muse and meander a bit (I’m glad you liked that quote from my essay, too 😆). IMHO, I hope you don’t niche down. I like the takes on philosophy, on literature, on AI, on personal stories, on teaching, on writing, etc. This may be a ~cold~ take, but I’m not so sure slapping a label on our foreheads so people can better digest what we have to say is the way. I think we should think big and write big and be big. It’s hard to do that from inside a box. Keep going, Charlie, you’re crushing it!

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First, funnily enough I was reading your newsletter as your comment on Circle popped up about "niche celebrities" which I don't think I had enough "hahahas" to describe how funny I thought it was. I also felt warm tingles about Pauls' comment so I was happy to see it here.

Second, I really enjoyed this newsletter and clicking into your essays that I had missed. Originally, I was going to comment that I wasn't sure how I felt about this statement, "I felt that you can’t be an aspiring musician who seriously wants fans, and expect new listeners to just sift through all twenty of your albums." But then truthfully, it was SO helpful to have a list of your latest essays. I've been catching up on people's Substacks and it was great to be like ah, here's one I missed that I think would be interesting. Which btw, your story with the ADHD medication was absolutely wild.

Another great newsletter Charlie! I've really been enjoying your essays and curation pieces and am looking forward to the next one as well.

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Great writing (as always), Charlie! I loved the anecdote about the musician and how you described it as "haunting."

And of course, HUGE kudos for running your CBC and setting a date for the next one. I'm pumped for you and look forward to showcasing your journey as a case study in my newsletter. Guaranteed it will inspire others. Thanks for the shoutout!

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Dude produce the Thought Bananas movie...that would be literally bananas...but real talk question for you...if you were to look over all your content what would be the most easily adaptable, or the most interestingly adaptable piece you have written (in that it could make it to another medium and shine the same)?

Also as for the musician who haunts you...what advice would you give to someone who values prolificacy over specificity and curation? In the music circles I used to run in there were two camps...the noiseniks who recorded everything they did and then released it (literally any music they made was a product...generally an edition of 10 cassette tape), and those who focused on designing records periodically (one a year, etc...)...I struggled to know which was preferable, and from a business perspective actually saw some of those who erred on prolificacy succeed in ways the others did not...

...is all of life art, or just the moments we hang that sign on?

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Man, my own personal writing productivity has taken a nosedive in 2023. So this is impressive to see. Inspiring stuff.

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