Nice one, Charlie, as always. I feel like I haven’t seen enough movies. Would love to hear your thoughts on how a good man relates to being a good father. Feels integral. I once was asked in a job interview for the title I was most proud of and I said “Papa”. Didn’t get the job but probably a mismatch anyway.

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Such an awesome observation here, Charlie, and now I’m absolutely going to rewatch a Peaky Blinders this weekend.

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Paradoxical lessons are the best lessons.

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Good stuff, Charlie. Two observations:

1. As far as the Godfather is concerned, I think Vito and Michael Corleone give a nice contrast of good/bad man, while both being bad people

2. Your thoughts on what makes a good man reminded me of the "King" archetype from the King Warrior Magician Lover book. If you're not familiar, it's a Jungian psychology analysis of male archetypes. If you're interested in it, I suggest skipping the actual book, and reading the series of articles on the topic from the Art of Manliness: https://www.artofmanliness.com/character/behavior/king-warrior-magician-lover-introduction/ I found them better than the actual book. There's also a nice youtube series of videos on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pOnHjRK7BU

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“Being a good man and being a good person are not the same thing.”

Great line! They may not be the same thing but there’s a lot of overlap.

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The gangs include political parties and those supposed masterminds that people follow (for whatever reason). The followers are all ignorant and cannot decide anything themselves.

Not evil, but not members of society either, mostly because of media and so much input.

They become gang members because of lack of personality, lack of self, a created need to follow trends.

I’ve been part of a team with rules. The military. Some militaries want blind obedience and others want tactical leaders with innovative concepts and leadership.

Generally, high command and General Officers are the least prepared to lead. They have become political gang members of those politicians who themselves are evil men.

General Austin in Iraq was a blow hard, non leading follower of whoever he could get behind.

He did the same to go from a kiss butt two star to the civilian head of the department of defense. I can say yep Evil.

Fifty big brain idiots who lied signing a document on the Russian fake scandal about President Trump- all idiots, now with zero credibility, Evil.

All the politicians who drew up and knew that Russiagate was fake. Yet led by hate promoted it. Evil

Good men can be judged as evil when evil twists them to their ends.

Not a film

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