“Writing publicly is a record of your growth.”


Love the example of how you looked back on a piece and felt differently based on how much you’ve grown as a writer. I had a similar moment of shock and awe recently discovering a thread I thought was good a few months back and now realize is super confusing and also monotonous.

Here’s to our public records keeping us cognizant!

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Wow I figured you had been writing for way longer. This gives me hope for my future writing!

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I'm always similarly shocked when I look back at writing I've published that I was really happy with at the time and how much I see that doesn't hold up with a more objective view that comes with elapsed time. It makes me feel like I should be writing a putting pieces away for months before reviewing then publishing. But that would love another element of the publishing process, the excitement of the new blush of an idea. It's a conundrum for sure. I appreciate your perspective on accepting that we will fail in some respects and to keeping writing and growing anyway.

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Also, “Don’t believe me? Look it up.” was one of my favorite articles but maybe I’m biased because of my love for Iceland. After all we are getting married there later this year.

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This was my first read of your essays. I loved the honest here that underpins the growth you experienced. Your perseverance and willingness to play the long game and learn is a great example for me at the 6th edition of my newsletter!

Practice makes progress.

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“Second, failure is only a terminal state if you stop trying and improving.“

Love all this. It’s a lesson we all know but don’t until it happens- trying again. We have a thousand cliches about it but most don’t take it to heart and give up when something stops working.

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Fabulous piece, Charlie. You're capturing the weird, egotistic paradox of being a writer..that jarring pivot from "I might just be the best writer on earth" to "literally, what was I thinking?"

This idea of ever-evolving growth is the mindset that will keep us all sane. Not too high, not too low. Just chugging along and getting better every day. Kudos to you!

Also, I really love your Crowd Work section?? I might have to steal something from that for my own newsletter...my lawyer will be in touch.

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Oooh ooh I want to be heckled

I didn't do an annual review like a lot of people did

Which is kind of funny b/c for chaplaincy school I've been writing these "reflection" papers which is all about looking back! Yet I didn't really do a mega year one.

Maybe my reflection muscle is a bit tired x_x

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