I didn’t realize you lived in China for three whole years, that’s incredible!

Your point about questioning cultural differences reminds me of my favourite quote about moving abroad:

“When overseas, you learn more about your own country than you do the place you're visiting.”

– Clint Borgen

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Charlie!! I was also informed by some that I might have ADHD and when I watch ADHD videos I am like "wait isn't this...everyone's experience?? no?? hello???" Very interested to follow along your journey of exploration here

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James Altucher comes to mind as someone who is a self-identified noob who is very self-honest about his own local noobness, but whose reach has grown in inverse proportion to anything you'd expect from someone so nooby. I'm quite fascinated by and often try to pursue the persona of that person who is weird and trying strange things and doesn't seem to care what others think, but somehow I continue to be pulled back into the gravitational field of normalcy and conventionalism. So I'm in a constant cycle of struggling to express my weirdness, succeeding briefly, defaulting to conformity, and then starting all over again.

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Hey Charlie.

I Just subscribed to your newsletter and the first one that I read became this.

I am so grateful to come across this phenomenal one.

As someone who moved abroad recently this article made so much sense to me.

Just loved the way you explained the word NOOB.

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Feb 9, 2023Liked by Charlie Becker

I love that quote! I never thought I’d like anything that uses the word “noob” but the point made is very intriguing. It’s so accurate- to not be tied to convention is absolutely difficult wherever home may be but not when you are someone who seeks out new experiences. That comfort with discomfort gives you a leg up. And my favorite people are weirdos too so I feel that in my soul.

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Feb 11, 2023Liked by Charlie Becker

Love me some weirdos! I was quite active in couch surfing (didn't really go to meet ups but would host quite a lot) and it was a good way of meeting weird and interesting people. Funny enough, those who tried to impress me with their travels and crazy stories were usually quite boring to be around. It was the more down to earth (and weird in their own way) people who I remember fondly.

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Feb 10, 2023·edited Feb 10, 2023Liked by Charlie Becker

As a full blown weirdo just happy to see my ilk getting some love on the streets...if you haven't read this deep dive on OG kings of the weirdos I do recommend it...https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/09/magazine/weird-al-yankovic.html ... thanks as always for your great content!

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‘My two favorite hobbies are reading good stories and meeting weirdos.’

Same. Hahah.

Enjoyed this immensely, Charlie.

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Feb 10, 2023Liked by Charlie Becker

Great piece. Weirdos are fun. They take life as it comes and don’t follow what others tell them to think.

I am a noob in so many fields now: trying to make it in the solopreneur path, learning how to write better and finding people with unusual ideas to get inspiration from.

My favourite weirdos are in comedy: Judah Friedlander or James Acaster come to mind as real weirdos.

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