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The Unlikely Link Between Travel and Fiction

Those who support you may not support your art.

CATHEDRAL | Chapter 3 - Year Forty-Six

The Virtue of Tourism

The Wedge Between Pleasure and Pain

To Love a Dove

You are Giants to Me

Confronting the Void | Review of The Stranger by Albert Camus

Two Stories from a Mom & Pop Bookstore

Relatable Flaws | Review of Ask the Dust by John Fante

The Best Section in the Bookstore

Building the Used Bookstore of the Future

The Power of Being Weird

Questions Lead to the Good Life

For Richer or Poorer | A Love Letter to Weddings

Sandcastles and Wanderlust

Pure Research is a Bet on Progress

Why Write Memoirs | Review of All the Wrong Moves by Sasha Chapin

Beautiful and Ordinary

Simplicity, Expertise, and Bullshit: Being Taught vs. Being Convinced

Corporate Bloodsuckers | No. 1

The Scrutiny Gap | Avoiding the Allure of Conspiratorial Thinking

Small Oven Syndrome | A New Name for an Old Problem

Good Lessons from Bad Men: Paradoxical Lessons in Masculinity from Crime Cinema

Three Riffs: Weight Loss, Civilization, Good Reading

Do the weirdest thing that feels right.

From the New York Times to the Crowd Work Section | Links Roundup

The First Two of Twelve Questions

Hot Streaks and Cohort-Based Courses

"Everything is a Mood."

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The Individual Magic of Their Genius

Leveling Up with Sopapillas and a 5K: Links and Updates

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My Mother, the Character

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